The first game I ever completed.
Collect coins while avoiding and blocking projectiles with your shield. There's even different maps and modes to play with.

I actually made the initial release of this game in only two days using GameMaker: Studio, with more updates in the following weeks.
This game was originally on GameJolt before moving to sometime in 2019.

Released: July 22, 2016

Shield Redux

The first game I ever completed, now remade in Godot.
New maps, new modes, new skins, and a new coat of paint!

Back in Fall of 2018, I wanted to start making games again. But with GameMaker: Studio 2 being paid-for (and me simply not wanting to pay), I moved to Godot.
In order to learn Godot, I decided to just make something I already knew, leading to Shield Redux.
Due to college (and other minor distractions like video games), this little project took me until summer of 2020 to finish! Nevertheless, it's out now for anyone to enjoy.

Released: June 30, 2020


The first day on job for the Maze Exploration and Cartridge Operated Robot (MECObot) goes wrong as the facility gets invaded by the malicious BUGZ! Get little MECObot out of there!

A puzzle-maze-sokoban-kinda game. Just get MECObot to the teleporter at the end of each level! Use power cartridges with special abilities, avoid enemies, and collect cash!

More info coming soon. Still in development!

Release Date: TBD

Current Progress:

Main Levels:
33/50 Completed
Extra Levels:
0/(10-15?) Completed
Other Stuff:
Mechanics for World 4 completed.