Goodbye, Grant! and other updates. (11/15/2023)

If you've been following Clark-Gibson lately, you'll know that I finally finished Grant's storyline, which was the second part of a two-parter with the Origin storyline I started all the way back in January. Wow! It took almost a whole year, but we got through it.
You might be asking yourself, "what's in store now for our lovable duo"? Well, the answer to that is HIATUS! That's right! I'm out of town again for the next few weeks, so Clark-Gibson is gonna be on hold until the week of December 9th! Don't worry though, I will still update the site in tht time. Gonna need to make Grant's character card now, after all.

In addition, I also want to work on MECObot some more. I have actually implemented some more mechanics for the next world a few months ago, and I'm hoping to get to creating more levels during this time.

That's all I have for this time! For those who celebrate it, have a Happy Thanksgiving as well!


It's Clark-Gibson Month! (7/4/2023)

Happy Fourth of July to all you Americans out there! And if you're not American, happy... uh... Tuesday, I guess?

Anyways, reason I wanted to make this news post is because I want to announce that this month is Clark-Gibson Month! A whole month full of new Clark-Gibson related updates!
And to begin with, I have made a brand new page for the Comic hub - Maps! Now anyone can view the strange world of Andeveris, with more updates in the future!

As for the other new stuff for this month, you'll just have to wait and see! However, you can expect another anniversary article similar to last year.
Hope you all enjoy what I have planned! Thanks!


New Game Alert: MECObot! (6/3/2023)

The first news post of 2023, and it's... halfway through the year already. Oh. Anyways, let's begin with...

Remember when I said that I'd post teasers for my new game back in January? Hahaha, good times, right?

This is MECObot! A puzzle-maze-sokoban-kinda game. Just get MECObot to the teleporter at the end of the level! Use power cartridges with special abilities, avoid enemies, and collect cash! Below are some previews, click on them to view the full screenshot image:

Pretty simple stuff. Reason I've taken so long is basically a combination of being busy with work, focusing on Clark-Gibson, and just general laziness ;).
I'm not sure when this'll be out exactly, though. My idea for the game is to have 50 main story levels, plus ~10-15 extra levels. Currently, I have 30/50 levels completed. Of course, I still also need to code other mechanics, menus, etc.
Considering my, uh, current rate of progress, I'm probably gonna release the main 50, then add the bonus levels in an update later on.
From here on, I'll give you more updates on the game on the Games page, so keep an eye out on that!

Coming Up...
It's been a while, so I wanted to give a quick rundown on what to expect for the next few months.

I have an idea for a new article I want to make. I have some of it done already. It's one of those talk-about-stuff-I-like writings. I'll have it out by the end of the month, I need to do a bit more "research" for it first.

Clark-Gibson's third anniversary is this July! Have to do something special for it again. I want to do another rough-draft commentary article like last year, that was really fun to put together. Maybe something else too? No promises though.
Speaking of CG, I'll still be continuing with that as always. Clark's plant seems to be almost fully-grown! To be honest, I'm a bit worried about the "fruit" that it'll bear...

Also, have a few extra teasers: Teaser 1 and Teaser 2.

Before I'm finished, a quick shoutout to my newest follower: Onnoon! Just a small site with a few writings and a some neat links. Couldn't find a button for you, but if you make one, I'll add it to the site footer!

That's all for this time, but I don't want to leave you for too long. I'll make another news post in July for the anniversary. Thanks for sticking with me as always!


Big Fat End-of-Year Update (12/22/2022)

It's time to end off 2022 with a news post. And a pretty big one at that. So much so that I'm going to divide this post into different sections!

Real Life
Big changes are coming to my life soon. Most importantly, I'm moving to a new apartment! In a new city! A whole new world! So yeah, things have been busy this past month getting ready and will still be busy as I get settled in.
Things might get a little rocky on my site as I enter a new chapter of my life, so I hope you guys can understand.

As you've noticed, I've put out a double release! #098, the annual Festive Week comic, and #099, the start of a new storyline! If you've been around since the early days of CG, I used to do double releases at the end of every month but then I got a job, so it's been a while.
Of course, the next comic is the big #100. I'm doing something special for it. So special in fact, that, along with the aformentioned move, I'm gonna need some more time! As such, Clark-Gibson will be on hiatus until mid-to-late January. I'll let you know!

That One Game I Keep Mentioning
So that game I've been working on. I think I started working on it around this time last year. I want to show it off, but I want to reach a certain point before I do! I'm getting close though. Probably in January I'll post some teasers.

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I'm created a contact email for the site!! If you have any questions about anything I do, just send an email to me here. I'll probably check it once a day, so please be patient if I don't reply immediately.

Followers Catch-Up
I usually like to mention any new followers I get. I've been slacking here, so I'm making up for it. Since the last time, I've gotten a whole 3 followers!:
Wayrift Webcomic - A webcomic based off of Final Fantasy IV that's been going on for 20 years! Wowza!
Daniele63 - A very neat Kirby-themed site! You can tell lot of work was put into it, especially the CRT Simulator.
thebiggestwebsite - A classic, personal site that's still being worked on. Looking forward to it!
Of course, their buttons are on the bottom of the site. At least I didn't forget that!

And with that, I think that's all I have to say at the moment. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year. Here's to a great 2023!


Jailbreak Wrap-up (9/27/2022)

A new comic page on a Tuesday? What has the world come to!?
If you've been following my comic for a while now, you probably know that I've been working on the same Jailbreak storyline for about 10 months now. A pretty long time for just one story! However, it is coming to an end soon, as I just released the penultimate page of the arc, and the final page being released on either Thursday or Friday!
After that, I will going on another family trip for about two weeks, and Clark-Gibson will be on hiatus. I think it'd be a good time for a small break. I might still post something special to hold you over.

I also plan on working more on that game I've been mentioning for a while now. If I get done with a certain milestone for that, I think I'll finally put out some previews for you guys!

Anyways, I hope you look for forward to the end of Clark-Gibson's longest storyline this week, and whatever else I have planned!


Cutlass the Human (5/11/2022)

A beautiful May day today, the perfect time for an update.
To start, the main reason for this update is that I am going on a month-long trip to visit family! Of course, this means that Clark-Gibson is going on another semi-hiatus. I will probably make a comic or two during the next month at some point, which is why it's not a full hiatus. I'm also planning on working on that game I mentioned last time a little more. Progress has... uh... slowed down a bit on that, hehe.
For upcoming stuff, you may notice that this July is the 2-year anniversary of Clark-Gibson! I'll have something really cool planned for that, so stay tuned!
I'd like to give thanks to a friend of mine, Cryptid, for making this wonderful humanized fanart of Cutlass! Full size image can be found here.

To end things off, I also got two new followers since the last update: mr-pibbs and pre-dead! Go check them out when you can!
Alright, that's all from me for now. Until next time!


The End of 2021 (12/26/2021)

Well we made it through another year. I think it's time for another update.
First off, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Christmas for me was nice as usual: presents and eating big meals like always. The night of New Year's Eve always brings a nice cozy feeling too, so I'm looking forward to that.

As for actual news about my plans, I wanted to let people know that Clark-Gibson is going on a bit of a small hiatus. Probably 2, maybe just 1, week(s). Reason being is that I want to take some time to update other parts of the site, like the character cards and the Other section.
Also, I'm working on a new game! Not 100% sure if I'll finish it, but I've already made over 10 levels out of like 60 or so, so that's good progress I think. It's just a simple top-down puzzle game. I'll tell you guys more about it once I've made further progress.
I hope 2021 was a good year for you all, and if not, I hope 2022 will be better for you!


Late September Update (9/25/2021)

Hello again everybody! Been a while since the last news post, so I figured I'd do just another quick update
Like I said, there isn't a comic coming today. There is no real-life reason for this, I just figured I would take a break since I just got done with Shogi's storyline. I hope you all enjoyed it! It definitely lasted quite a while (4 months!). To tie you over, I have made a character card for Shogi! Feel free to check it out.

Just a quick warning - October is gonna be a bumpy month for me. I just have a bunch of family-friends-work-etc events I have to attend to. There'll probably be a small hiatus coming up, but I'll be sure to let you know.

One more thing that I've been meaning to talk about: since my last news post, I've gotten a whole TWO followers! WOWZA! Big thanks to both murid aka Occasionally, content, an extremely talented artist, and saint-images, a blogger/photographer. Sorry for not thanking you sooner, it really means a lot to me. I'll add their buttons to the bottom of my page since I just found their buttons while typing this.
Thanks for all the support from all my readers, and I'll see you later!


Late June Update (6/27/2021)

Alright, update time once again. Let's do this.
First off, I mentioned yesterday in the profile comments that I didn't do a double release of Clark-Gibson The reason for that is simply because I didn't realize the last Saturday was this week. Oops. To (somewhat) make up for this, I plan on making the next comic a special 8-panel one.

In more real-life news, I've been busy these past weeks trying to find a job. I just graduated, so it's expected. And finally, after a bit of a lengthy search and hiring process, I got one! Hurray!
Keep in mind that a job is DEFINITELY going to affect my schedule, but I'm not fully sure yet, so I'll let you know.

In the previous news post, I mentioned some plans I had that, uh, haven't really come to fruition yet. Mostly because I haven't worked on them much. The Shield Redux anniversary update I've done just an tiny bit for (so it may not be an "anniversary" update anymore, since that would be this Wednesday), and I kinda lost a bit of interest on the article I had an idea for. I don't considered either of these cancelled, though. I might even do that article in the next few days.
Regardless, thanks for sticking with me, and I wish you all a wonderful day.


The swing of things (5/2/2021)

It's been a while. Senior year had put a lot of things on my plate, but now that plate has been (somewhat) cleaned. Also, I meant to update this yesterday, but I had a weird issue with my firewall that blocked Neocities sites, but that should be fixed now.
Anyways, if you noticed there's a new Clark-Gibson out today, and I will be returning to the normal schedule for the time being. In addition, I updated Cutlass's character card to be a little bit closer to what I want the character to be, and I added her to the possible header images.
As for what I have planned for the future:

- Just continue making the comic. I do have another storyline coming real soon.
Shield Redux
- I want to release an anniversary update for Shield Redux. I want it to be BIG, but I can't guarantee.
Other Section
- I have a new "article" in the works for the Other section. Not sure when I plan on finishing it, though.
- I do want to be a little more involved in Neocities. I might try to find ways to reach out to others.
One last reminder: like I said earlier, I just graduated college, so I'm kind of in a transitional period in my life. I don't know if I will be able to continue with everything like I planned. Things can come to a screeching halt very quickly, so be on your toes. For the time being, consider me back.
Once again, I thank you for your patience. I know I'm not really the most popular on Neocities, and that these might not even be read by most, but I sincerely thank those who do follow my little creative endeavors.


That time again... (1/30/2021)

Hello again folks! I apologize if you were here expecting a new comic issue, but I have some other news to give instead.
The final semester of college has started for me, and as such, my workload has increased. Due to this, I am probably not going to be able to keep up with my schedule.
However, this time will be a little different! Instead of just falling off the face of the Earth and not doing anything, I'm going to try to still do comics, but on an unset schedule.
Basically, Clark-Gibson will be on a semi-hiatus, and comics will be out whenever they're done, so keep your eyes peeled! Maybe following will help with that ;))
Expect the semi-hiatus to end sometime in early May, when I graduate.

Luckily, I didn't leave you guys entirely empty-handed! If you haven't noticed yet, there's a new character card for our friend, Cutlass.
Speaking of Cutlass, I hope you guys enjoyed her introduction story! It's the first of (hopefully) many continuous stories I wish to do for the comic.
Funnily enough, the story was just going to be about Clark getting smashed by a demon, but I added Cutlass in as a sort of "twist"! As such, things weren't entirely planned out.
There were a few errors I made, biggest one being that Gibson's door was magically put together after Cutlass sliced it. Woops! To remedy this, I have actually re-released some of the pages with errors fixed.
Anyways, thank you so much for your time and patience, and I'll see you later!


Surprise Other Section Update! (12/22/2020)

I wasn't really planning for this, but I have just completed my first little article thingy for my Other section!
It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I did it! I just decided to write about some video games that I've been invested in for long periods of time.
Yeah, so I hope you enjoy reading it. Also, remember that there's TWO (2) Clark-Gibson comics coming out on Saturday, one that continues the current story, and a holiday one!
Thanks for listening!


Shield Redux 1.1.0 out now! (12/18/2020)

The Winter Update for Shield Redux has been released! You can visit the page to download the newest version.
I didn't add too much to it, just a new winter-themed map and a Christmas-themed skin.
The map doesn't add any new gimmicks, but the appearance of the trees and the snowman will change depending on the date. Even the ghost will have a new look!
I hope you all enjoy it!